Here we are into a new month already and we have been continuing to keep our skills up-to-date with our Covid-19 Barbicide training and our Dermalogica Clean Touch certificates so we will be ready for a safe and clean opening.

We have been advised of some of the anticipated gerneric requirements that will be implemented prior to us opening in July (hopefully).

Key points will be that Clients must have a booked appointment, no walk ins will be permitted. To be on time and not early. If you are early then you will need to wait outside. We will be using our intercom system to ensure that you cannot just pop in (sorry!)

Please wear minimal jewellery, leave handbags and coats in your car where possible and remove footwear before entering the treatment rooms. Remove gloves before entering the Salon and wash your hands thoroughly.

Please follow all the in-Salon guidance displayed for your safety and ours on arrival. The key thing will be that you need to attend your appointment on your own unless you need assistance, there will be not waiting allowed. We cannot allow the consumption of food within the premises and we wont be able to provide you with refreshments. You may bring a clean bottle of water with you but no take out drink cartons will be permitted.

We will have risk assessed our own treatment rooms and treatment menu for our specific needs, this will not be based on what other establishments have put in place and neither should they be copying ours assuming that one assessment fits all because it wont.

Further information will be given when announced from Government and although retail will be opening on the 15th June salons are not permitted to do so even for just selling retail.

We are fortunate that we have large well ventilated rooms and work purely on an appointment basis only, you may, however, wish to purchase products so in this case please phone or e mail before to be sure we have the items in stock and we will set up a time for collection. At this moment we wont be able to sell paper vouchers, we can set up an account and pay money into this as an alternative. We can only offer on line brochures our printed versions will be temporarily removed.