Hair Removal


(Your skin will look and stay silky for weeks at a time.) Using Warm Wax.


Half Leg Wax – £25.70
Top Half Leg Wax inc bikini – £28.70

Full Leg Wax – £31.70
Full Leg Wax inc Bikini Line Wax – £35.70

Bikini Standard – £20.70
Bikini Brief – £25.70

Under Arm Wax – £19.00
Forearm Wax – £21.00
Full Arm – £26.00

Ladies Back Wax – £21.70
Ladies Stomach Wax – £21.00

Facial Waxing

Eyebrow Wax – £19.50

Lip Wax – £18.50

Chin Wax – £18.00

Lip/Chin Combined – £27.00

Face Waxing – £21.70

Gents Waxing

Gent’s Back – Full Area £31.70

Gent’s Back – Small Area £21.70

Gent’s Chest – Inc Stomach £31.70
Gent’s Chest – Small Area £21.70

Advanced Waxing (Ladies only) using hot wax

Bikini Brief – £31.70
Brazilian Waxing – £38.50
Hollywood Waxing – £39.50

Brazilian inc top half / lower leg – £52.70
Brazilian inc full leg – £57.00
Hollywood inc half leg – top half / lower leg – £55.70
Hollywood inc full leg – £61.70


This is the traditional treatment for small areas of unwanted hair. Using a sterile disposable needle. (Registered with Local Health Authority)


Using the traditional treatment for small areas of unwanted hair, using a sterile disposable needle.

Up to 15 mins – £32.70
Up to 30 mins – £54.50

Using “Blend” electrolysis this combines the best of the traditional method of electrolysis with diathermy electrolysis to give a thorough treatment of the area.

Up to 15mins – £34.70

Up to 30mins – £55.50

Skin Tag & Milia Removal

Up to 15 mins – £53.00
Up to 30 mins – £83.70

Using a sterile disposable needle we can remove small unwanted skin tags and also miliamilia using a tiny electrical current. Both of these common skin conditions can occur at any time, and in the case of milia, may be caused by a build up of trapped oil underneath the skins surface often making them appear like a spot.

Thread Veins using Electrolysis

15 mins £53.70
30 mins £82.70

Thread veins can be removed using a low RV current with our electrolysis machine. A tiny needle is inserted into the small vessel cauterising it. Some light stinging and warmth can be felt during the treatment but it is successful at dealing with this problem.

Further information is available in our separate Client Guide on broken capillaries.

Dermaco Pro IPL Hair Removal

With the Electrolysis & IPL we are unable to give a time on the amount of treatments that you will require as each individual is different to the next. Please inform the Salon if you are pregnant or planning to.

Lip / Chin /Side of Face

Single £46.75

3 x treatments (reduced price) £123.75

Jawline / Lip & Chin / Neck

Single £56.75

3 x treatments (reduced price) £150.75

Underarms / Bikini / Small Back or Abdomen area

Single £76.75

3 x treatments (reduced price) £198.75

Forearms / Bikini Brief / Shoulders

Single £86.75

3 x treatments (reduced price) £228.75

Full Chest / Full Back / Full Arms / Half Legs

Single £101.75

3 x treatments (reduced price) £273.75

Full Leg

Single £151.75

3 x treatments £423.75

Full Leg, inc bikini

Single £201.75

3 x treatments £573.75

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